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Rootz and Culture Farms, Mnkpta Kpelle La, Careysburg, Margibi 1520, LR
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Tekpwfari Stix El Ra

Camarilla Mask™ 16 Tribes® of Liberia Rastafari

Al-Kebulan Zelda Series Kpóɖó-dyua  Dɛnɛ-dyu

(Temple of the Stars) -a small phamphlet discussing Afrotropical Aeronautics  

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Starkraft Manuskriptz Ksmarala Dyuu  Masktape™ Intro

The knowledge in not set in books but is embodied in the מסכה itself. In essence מסכה is in a nature of a divine rite meant to instill in the beholder an understanding of creation and creative power. The face of the מסכה is that of Ancestral Man and Woman. Man before slavery and the perfected man/ w

Star & Shield Clothing

Camarilla Mask™

The Cosmic Camarilla Consciousness starts with the ability to see what is. This allows you to discover what you believe....... Start existing in infinite possibilty and abundance within you as you Right Now!

16 Tribes® of Liberia

The Customs, Arts, Spiritual System, Social Institutions, Achievements, and Culture of the 16 Tribes®. The Way of the Ancestors. 

Mnkpta Kpelle La

The Culture Center of his creative teaching started @ Mnkpta, Statues in America, Kings in Zimbabwe, Chaldean Cuneform Tablets for told the rise of Glapw and N'gala's people.  


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Tekpwfari Stix El Ra

Mnkpta Kpelle La, Careysburg, Margibi 1520, LR

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